Tips & Tidbits On Staying Mobile

Incorporating fun ways into being active increases the chances of continued mobility. When something hurts or presents a challenge with activity, simply make adjustments.

Physical Activity

There’s a variety of ways to enjoy being active. The key to being active is to get up and move.

  • Gardening
  • Swimming
    • Low impact and soothing for aching joints.
  • Weight-Bearing Exercise for 30 minutes a day
    • Walk a pet
    • Tour a museum, botanical garden or park
    • Stroll through a shopping mall
  • Chair Exercises

Adjustments In Living Environment

Staying mobile may require us to make adjustments in our home.

  • Ideally, it’s best to be in a one-floor living environment. This allows one to move freely throughout the house without the challenge of climbing stairs.
  • Using mobility aids within the home preserves our independence while providing help for a specific task or need. Such things may include shower chairs, ramps, lift chairs, reacher/grabbing tool, and more.
  • Placing items in low or high cabinets should be avoided. This prevents kneeling, bending or use of a ladder or chair to reach.

Mobility Aids For Getting Around

A lot of us allow our pride to get in the way of using a device that will make mobility so much easier. We tend to view these things as negative with aging. Contrarily, these things enhance our lives and improve our ability to stay mobile.

  • Scooters
    • These make getting out of the house fun. It gives one a sense of feeling like a kid again riding a bicycle or motorbike.
    • The variety of choices in scooters gives you the ability to select something that is tailored to you.
  • Wheelchairs/Powerchairs
    • Great for getting around in your home or outdoors.
    • Wheelchairs come in either manual or power.
    • There’s a variety of options so you can choose what’s best for you.
  • Walkers
  • Canes

Mobility And Mental Well-Being

We don’t realize the impact our minds have over our bodies. The mind perceives mobility limitations as factors in how we will be able to enjoy the future. Having a positive attitude towards adapting and making adjustments as we age is essential.

Freedom vs. Confinement

Tap into ways to improve mobility and refuse to let any limitation keep you confined. Find ways to be active and engaged to keep your body and mind moving.

Lastly, don’t allow negative perceptions towards mobility aids or adjustments in your life to stand in the way of living life to its fullest. Get moving and live!