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Weight Capacity Top Speed Driving Range Turning Radius Heaviest Piece
300 lbs 4 mph 13 Miles 40" 55 lbs

Transformer Remote Folding Scooter

This easy to use, ultra-portable electric scooter offers the ultimate in convenience is one of the most convenient scooters on the market! Through the touch of a key fob, the transformer collapses automatically to the form of a cube that is just a hair over a foot, length, and width wise. This means that you can store it virtually anywhere; your cabin on a cruise ship, airplane, you can even fit two side by side in the trunks of most cars! Transport is a breeze with the telescoping tiller arm. Grab tilt it and pull it alongside you just like a rolling suitcase. The Transformer is powered by a 24 V lithium-ion battery (which is standard) that provides up to 13.5 half miles per charge which is 45% more charge than others in its class. The battery only weighs 5 lbs.! The Transformer folding scooter is sturdy and resilient it has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. and a seat that is 17 in wide, which is great for anyone of an above average weight. The delta tiller provides a comfortable ergonomic feel for your hands you can even adjust it to you for a more pleasant experience. The electromagnetic toggles make it easy to operate and the electromagnetic breaks initiate as soon as you remove your fingers from the toggles. You should call today to receive your Transformer Remote Control Folding Scooter.

What makes the Transformer unique?

Is it allowed on airplanes? Yes, it's even allowed on Airplanes. The Watt-hour rating is no more than 20Wh/cell and 100Wh/battery pack which means it can be treated as "Non-dangerous goods" by the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods/Special Provision 188. You can have piece of mind that your scooter can travel with you when going on vacation. The Transformer can be used everywhere you need to go. With it's portable and compactness of size the Transformer Remote Folding scooter is tailored made for theme parks, restaurants, cruises, shopping and enjoying strolls with your loved ones in your local nature trails. With the standard long-lasting battery you can enjoy hours of fun.


Key Features 

  • Remote Control
  • Fully Automatic Folding & Unfolding
  • Ultra Portable
  • Perfect for Aircraft & Cruise Ships
  • 300lb Weight Capacity
  • 13.5 Miles on a Single Charge
  • Lithium Battery
  • Heaviest part: 53lbs
  • Turning Radius: 55"
  • Top Speed: 4.25
More Information
BrandTransformer Scooter
Dimensions37 x 17 x 18 in
BatteriesLithium ION
Scooter Weight55 lbs
Now $2,425.00 $2,425.00 Was $3,295.00 You Save 26%

TransformerScooter is the only fully electric folding scooter in the USA. There is nothing else like it on the market. This easy to use, ultra portable electric scooter offers the ultimate in convenience. Offering Remote Control operation and manual if required. The Transformer has a 300 lb weight capacity and comes standard with a lightweight Lithium battery (13 Miles on a single charge).

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