Triaxe CRUZE Scooter

Weight Capacity Top Speed Driving Range Turning Radius Heaviest Piece
350 lbs 6 mph 18 Miles 30" 58 lbs

Triaxe Cruze Scooter

The Triaxe CRUZE Folding Mobility Scooter is a mixture of Tradition and New school innovation. The design is modern inspired. It can fold in 3 quick movements. Saving time and energy as opposed to more traditional travel scooters that must be disassembled into several cumbersome pieces. With its lightweight design (50 lbs. without the battery) you can fold and place the Triaxe CRUZE Mobility Folding Scooter in the trunk of your car.  

What makes the Triaxe Cruze Unique?

The Triaxe CRUZE Folding Mobility Scooter is made for any one that is still young at heart that loves to live life and travel whenever possible. The Tour is airline friendly; the battery meets FAA guidelines which allow this scooter to go almost anywhere! The CRUZE is made from rust resistant airline quality aluminum. Which makes it so light. The resistance to rust is great for any one that may live in an area where there is abundant moisture in the air. The Triaxe CRUZE is very easy to use. It is operated with electromagnetic toggles. It can be controlled with either hand. Which is beneficial to any one that has lost the use of either hand due to a medical condition. The scooter has an electric brake system that will initiate once you remove your hand from the toggles. The CRUZE provides an industry leading 18 miles to the charge. With its three wheel design the Triaxe is maneuverable and able to be used at theme park, grocery stores, and restaurants. The CRUZE is equipped with a free lever accessory. If your battery runs out of energy you are able to engage the free wheel and push the scooter while the rider is onboard until you both are able to get somewhere that you can add a minimal charge to the battery.



Weight Capacity: 375lbs

Top Speed: 8mph

Battery Life: 18 miles

Heaviest Part: 58lbs

Turning Radius: 27"


More Information
BrandTriaxe Scooter
ModelTriaxe CRUZE
Batteries24V 12 AH
Charger24V 2AH
Braking SystemElectric Brake Systems
Drive System180 Watt
Overall Length38"
Motor TypeTransaxle differential brushless
Airline ApprovedYes
RangeUp to 18 miles
Brands: Triaxe Scooter Triaxe Scooter
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Triaxe CRUZE is a rear wheel drive model with electromagnetic braking and free wheel mode. The CRUZE continues the Triaxe tradition of long distance (up to 18 miles on a charge) and performance (6 mph) that no other portable folding electric scooter can match.

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